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National Program Information


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 


The SynergyForce National Team Program is derived from the Best Practices of the top volleyball clubs in the nation.  Entering our third year of the National Team Program, we recognize there are a lot of good clubs in Northern California that send teams to National Championships.  However, based on an in-depth study and analysis of real data and measurable results, not a single club west of the Rocky Mountains makes the top six on a national level.  Our goal is to change that.

The SFV National Team Program is not about a great coach or doing a few things really well.  It is a complete “comprehensive program” that involves synergy created by multiple elements working together with a common goal. That goal is to provide the best possible preparation and development for every elite female athlete in the program, resulting in a pathway for each athlete to find the perfect collegiate fit.  In addition to helping our athletes reach the next level, we are committed to help our outstanding coaching staff grow and find opportunities to coach at the collegiate level.  Although we hate to lose gifted coaches, creating a pathway for their growth is not only healthy, it helps us attract the most talented coaches in the market.


We are excited to report that all indications point to early program success. When we launched the National Program two years ago, we knew going in that you don’t become a legit national contender in one or even a few years. Rome wasn’t built in a day or even a year.  The National Program has met or exceeded our first and second year expectations. At almost every age level, our teams improved their final standing within the region, demonstrated high growth rates throughout the season, and were in top physical condition allowing for peak performance at National Championships. More importantly, we witnessed the emergence of a club culture based on hard work, camaraderie between teammates and other teams, and a positive learning environment that makes healthy athletes and people at all ages.

Power League Accomplishments – SFV Teams playing in the NCVA Power League moved up an average of 9.8 places in final points standings and 7.2 places in regional championship finishes.

Performance Trends – All National teams, with the exception of the 17’s, outperformed their seeding at AAU Junior National Championships.  The SFV 17 National team, playing in the Open division, held their seed throughout the entire tournament. Collectively, the SFV National teams clearly demonstrated a positive trend in performance results, peaking at season’s end. Note: SFV qualified multiple teams for USA Junior Nationals but opted to decline the bids and attend AAU Junior National Championships.

College Commits – At the conclusion of the 2018 club season, 9 of the 13 players from our 18 National team had committed to various colleges, including our 5th player in the past 4 years committing to a PAC-12 school. Multiple players from our 17 National team have already committed and the level of college recruiter interest in our 16’s, 15’s and 14’s athletes is unprecedented.


  • Standardized Training – All National team coaches will speak the same language, use the same coaching points, and teach the same techniques, systems & plays at all age levels.
  • Training Schedules – All National teams will meet and train 3 times per week.  Each training session will be 3 hours in length for a total of 9 training hours per week.  All teams, ages 13 through 18, will train on the same days and at the same times.
  • Individual Skill Development – All players will receive 2 hours of dedicated individual skills training per week.  Individual skills training will include combining all coaches and all players ages 13 through 18. Each and every player will be assigned a dedicated skills coach relative to both their positional and/or individual needs.  Every player will have access to the positional and skill-specific strengths of the entire National team coaching staff.
  • Athletic Training (Mandatory) – Every scheduled 3 hour training session will include 50 minutes of volleyball specific athletic training.  The athletic training will ensure that every player on every team is in “game shape,” providing teams a competitive fitness advantage.  Athletes will also be trained in injury prevention and will receive nutritional guidance to support peak performance.  Each athlete will participate in goal setting activities and undergo fitness assessments and measurements of progress on a regular basis.
  • Common Culture – Our program coaching staff will foster and develop a common culture of positive reinforcement and will work relentlessly to educate and develop both themselves and our players.
  • Team Travel & Accommodations (Fly Away Tournaments ONLY) – On an age appropriate basis, players and coaches will travel together for all fly away tournaments.  The players and coaches will share ground transportation from airport to hotel and from hotel to and from playing venues. Players will share accommodations in a structured chaperoned environment with detailed team itineraries.  Players will be held accountable for both the behavior of themselves and their teammates.  Parents are not required to attend fly away tournaments.
  • Team Schedules – Team schedules are specifically designed to meet the needs of their respective age levels.  National teams ages 14 through 17 will participate in the Open Division of AAU or USA Volleyball National Championships. Schedules for 16’s, 17’s & 18’s include the most competitive tournaments in the country, attended by the largest number of college recruiters.  National teams ages 13 through 17 will also participate in the NCVA Power League.
  • College Recruiting – Age appropriate in-house college recruiting support and services will be provided.  Recruiting program offers highest quality software providing athletes with online individual player profiles.  Recruiting software also contains market leading search engine capabilities, allowing athletes to identify and target “best fit” colleges based on individual goals.


The Tournament Schedule for the National Teams has been posted.  CLICK HERE to view the schedules.


Prior to the beginning of the 2017 club season we embarked on a comprehensive off-season study and detailed analysis of the top six junior volleyball clubs in the nation.  We identified the top six clubs based on the performance of their teams at the highest levels of National Championship tournaments across all age groups over the past five years.  As a result of our findings, we developed a complete program derived from, and modeled after, the Best Practices of those top six clubs.  The SFV National Program goal is to produce scholarship athletes who graduate from our program and head off to college with a complete understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence both on and off the volleyball court.

The National Team Program is for those athletes who:

  • have talent and aspire to play in college;
  • are willing to test their own limits and are serious about being their best;
  • are committed to the sport;
  • are willing to be part of a team and a program that shares a common goal;
  • are willing to make sacrifices necessary to make that common goal become reality. 

CLICK HERE  to view the National Program Coaching Staff

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Addie Hauschild-Willis

National Team Program Director
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